Sharon Daley

Clinical Associate Professor

Where does your international research/engagement take place?

Please briefly describe your research/activity.
The Virtual Academic Readiness Bootcamp online courses engaged Indian university students in courses that provided an opportunity to improve their academic English Language skills to better prepare them for academic studies and future employment, as well as provide Indiana University graduate students the opportunity to experience online teaching with Indian university students. This program matched IU graduate students with Indian university students to sharpen their reading and writing skills.

Why does your research/activity matter?
This project served Indian university students who needed help improving their academic readiness skills, such as note-taking, academic reading, giving presentations, and understanding essay structures. It also enabled IU graduate students to engage in online teaching with Indian undergraduate students.

What led you to this research/activity?
Travel restrictions, due to COVID-19, caused the postponement of an in-person project in New Delhi, India. When the U.S. Department of State created a call for proposals for virtual support for Indian university students, IU was uniquely poised to provide that support.

What problem do you hope this research/activity will solve/what are your hopes for this work?
We see a future for this work. The benefit for the IU graduate students, as well as the Indian university students, could be duplicated if this project was to become a long-term partnership.

How will your work create change for the better?
The Virtual Academic Readiness Bootcamp provides support for under-represented Indian university students who find they need to improve their academic readiness skills in order to be more successful in their studies.

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