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About Me

Enid Zimmerman is Professor Emerita of Art Education and High Ability Education at Indiana University. Her research focuses on art education and creativity, leadership, data visualization, feminism, art talent development, global education, and policy issues. She critically examines theory and practice with an aim toward creating, critiquing, extending, and constructing new knowledge using a variety of inquiry methods. She has presented at many conferences and published in a variety of journals, books, and on-line publications in art education and outside the field. Through collaborating with others, she seeks to include many voices, both novice and well established, in her research inquiries. She has written extensively and recently co-edited two new National Art Education Association (NAEA) books, Connecting Creativity Research and Practice in Art Education and Cultural Sensitivity in a Global World, served as editor of 14 NAEA Advocacy White Papers, and published a chapter in an international handbook about creativity and another about developing feminist leadership in art education. She is an NAEA Distinguished Fellow and was the first NAEA Research Commissioner Chair, and recently served as a Research Commissioner. She was an NAEA Women’s Caucus President, has taught or conducted workshops in over 25 countries, and presently is co-evaluator of the NAEA School for Art Leaders. She received the NAEA Art Educator of the Year, Studies Invited Lecture, Ziegfeld, Lowenfeld, and Barkan awards. Recent awards are the Distinguished Lecture in Art Education at Miami University; the Davis Lecture in Art Education at North Texas University; and the NAEA Elliot Eisner Lifetime Achievement Award. Through the Prism: Looking at the Spectrum of Writings of Enid Zimmerman (NAEA), summarizes her influences on art education through her own contributions and those of her former students and colleagues.

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Culturally Sensitive Art Education in a Global World: A Handbook for Teacher


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