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I taught middle and high school mathematics for 3 years in Madison, WI prior to pursuing a masters degree and PhD. in mathematics education at University of Georgia. While getting these degrees, I continued teaching a range of ages of students, and now have worked with students as young as 0 and as old as 60. After my PhD. degree, I worked at Indiana University—IUPUI for ten years, received tenure, and subsequently served as department chair for the department of teacher education. I found my role as chair very rewarding. This year (2018) I made a transition to Indiana University Bloomington were I am looking forward to continuing my work in mathematics education.

My research is focused on designing problem sequences (i.e., curricula), and investigating the kinds of reasoning that students engage in as a result of working through these problem sequences. I am particularly interested in the role that combinatorial reasoning plays in supporting students to have insights into numerical and quantitative relationships in ways that can support their algebraic reasoning. I enjoy working with students of all ages and like to think hard about how particular tasks might elicit particular kinds of reasoning in students.

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