About Me

Dr. Dave Shriberg is a Professor of Education and the chair of the EdS and PhD programs in school psychology. The 2018 winner of the Trainer of School Psychologists' "Outstanding Contribution to Training" award, his teaching and scholarly focus relate to the application of social justice principles to school psychology practice. Dr. Shriberg is also the Editor of Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation. A member of the National Association of School Psychologists social justice committee, Dr. Shriberg has published and presented across the globe on social justice and consultation principles. Dr. Shriberg has chaired numerous dissertations related to different aspects of cultural diversity and social justice and leads an active research team that is open to students at all graduate and undergraduate levels. He is accepting students next year.

Dr. Shriberg is happily married and has two amazing children, one daughter and one son.

Selected Publications:
*student coauthor

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