Marjorie Manifold


Curriculum and Instruction
Academic Programs:
Arts Education
Research Areas:
Adolescent Art Development, Lifelong Learning, Aesthetic Experiences, Online Learning of Studio Art
ED 3135
(812) 856-8133
Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I teach in-person and online courses in curriculum development and the instruction of visual art, the history of art education, art education for the 21st century, issues regarding the use of popular culture in art and social studies curricula, choice and community-based art education, social justice and dealing with difficult issues in the classroom.

My past research studies have focused on the role of aesthetic experience in learning, the art-making experiences of youth in voluntary interest-based art-making communities, peer teaching and learning of adolescents, and the art experiences of young adults within situated online communities. Findings from these studies are informing my current inquiries and applications of art learning in choice-based studio settings in brick and mortar and virtual settings. Additional inquiries have explored the creative expressions of elders.

I am a fellow of the National Art Education Association (NAEA), a Marantz Fellow of the United States Society for Education Through the Arts (USSEA), and an elected member of the national arts advisory society - the Council of Policy Studies in Art Education (CPSAE). As a member of the International Society for Education through the Arts (InSEA), I served as a Vice-President and North American World Councilor. Additionally, I am a former President of USSEA.

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