About Me

Serafín M. Coronel-Molina is an Indigenous scholar and native speaker of Huanca Quechua, an endangered variety spoken in the central highlands of Peru. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education in the School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington - USA.

Professor Coronel-Molina is a sociolinguist, educational linguist, ethnographer, lexicographer and translator. He delivered lectures, presented papers and organized conferences around the world; his books, dictionaries, special issue volumes, research articles and book chapters were published by top international journals and publishing houses.

His research interests are: Documentation and revitalization of Indigenous languages in the Americas, policies and politics of language, language attitudes, ideologies and Indigenous language regimes, language and technology, language maintenance and shift, language contact phenomena, linguistic landscapes, world languages, world Englishes, bilingualism, multilingualism, translingualism, multilingual and bilingual education, Indigenous literacies in the Americas, issues of language, culture and identity in the Andes and beyond. His research is from multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary perspectives, drawing on fields as diverse as macro- and micro-sociolinguistics, educational linguistics/language education, applied linguistics, linguistic anthropology, Andean Studies, Indigenous Studies, Latin American Studies, and Literacy Studies. ​