Student Teaching

The Office of Clinical Experiences places School of Education students as well as those from the Schools of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER), Music, Speech and Hearing Pathology, and Library and Information Science. Some specialized teacher education programs place their own students; however, the Office of Clinical Experiences will always monitor and track all placements. Students are placed in all areas for certification: All-Grade, Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and Endorsements.

Phase One – Applying to Student Teach



Meet with a School of Education academic advisor to review your status and make sure that you are on target to student teach.

Late sophomore/early junior year.

Complete the Canvas preparation course for student teaching.

November of the year prior to student teaching (for example, if you plan to student teach in either fall 2016 or spring 2017, you should attend the application meeting in November, 2015.)

Complete & submit ST application on time (see materials from application meeting for information on what to submit, and when)

One week after the application meeting

Create an account with Career Connections and/or make an appointment with a career advisor.

Upload initial resume prior to student teaching. You will update this during/at the end of student teaching so you have it ready to go for your job search.

Send initial contact, introducing yourself and indicating your excitement about student teaching, to your assigned supervising teacher.

Information on the supervising teacher will be sent to you via email as soon as your placement has been confirmed. Make initial contact with your supervising teacher within one week of receiving this email.

Apply to graduate by going to TEIS and selecting Apply for Undergraduate Graduation in the My Links section..

At the beginning of your senior year. 

Phase Two – Preparing for Your Student Teaching Experience



Attend a pre-student teaching meeting

Semester prior to Student Teaching

Complete & submit Professionalism Agreement

During pre-student teaching meeting

Complete Universal Precautions Training online (link will be sent via email)

Due date will be indicated in email. Usually by the end of the semester prior to student teaching.

Take licensure exams

Prepare for & begin prior to student teaching

Make sure your personal contact information is correct in the IU Student Center. Sometimes we must reach you prior to or during student teaching; please do not overlook this step.

Prior to student teaching, and anytime this information changes.

Complete Criminal History Check

A current criminal history check must be provided prior to beginning your student teaching experience. Please visit for more information.

Phase Three – During & After Student Teaching



Complete required licensure exams

End of student teaching

Wrap up all student teaching requirements and complete final survey (link will be emailed to you by the end of your placement)

End of student teaching

Update resume/make suggested changes on Career Connections Online

End of student teaching

Upload final recommendation letters to your Career Connections Online profile

End of student teaching

Earn your CPR/AED/Heimlich certification

By the end of student teaching, prior to getting license

Complete Suicide Prevention Training, offered by Career Connections a few times each semester. Watch emails or contact for dates.

By the end of student teaching, prior to getting license

Sign up to attend IU Interview Day (a link to register is only sent to students with approved resumes on file)

Early March

Attend annual IU SoE Interview Day

Late April

Apply for teaching license

End of student teaching, once all requirements are met.

Frequently Asked Questions