Secondary Education

Community of Teachers

Take a highly individualized approach to your education as a secondary teacher through our innovative Community of Teachers program. You’ll join a cohort of 15–18 students from a variety of content fields and at different stages in their education, as well as a faculty coordinator.

How It Works

In the Community of Teachers, your goal is to develop a portfolio of teaching competencies rather than simply completing required coursework. The teaching competencies are based on national standards set forth in the Interstate New Teacher Assessment Standards Consortium (INTASC).

Once a week, you’ll meet to explore issues in secondary education together. The seminar content will be dictated by you and your fellow students. You’ll set the agenda, lead most sessions, and solve problems by consensus.

The Community of Teachers program is designed to foster long-term relationships between fellow teachers and faculty members and prepare students to collaborate with fellow teachers in their professional lives. Participants are asked to spend at least two semesters as part of the seminar.

You can expect to work with students at different points in the teacher education program, including:

  • Sophomores and juniors beginning their education studies
  • Recent college graduates and mid-career professionals who have come back to school to earn a teaching license
  • Full-time middle and high school teachers working on license additions and graduate degrees
Is Community of Teachers Right for You?

Community of Teachers is not the right choice for every student. To ensure you can benefit from the program, you’ll be interviewed by current members before you’ll be invited to join. You’ll also be expected to assume responsibility for your own preparation as a teacher and have the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to work effectively with others.

Student Teaching

The program culminates in a semester-long student teaching experience in a middle school or high school classroom. There, you'll manage a class, give lessons, and assess student performance under the guidance of a mentor teacher.

You can also take on additional field engagements as early as your second semester (depending on your admission status) through our early field experiences program.

Admissions Process

Admission to the Indiana University is a separate process from admission to CoT. The University's admission process requires submission of official transcripts from all prior academic work. Once transcripts are received, admission can be granted in several days.

Candidates may enter CoT in August or January. Placements occur on a first-accepted, first-placed basis with more advanced students receiving priority.

Applying to the Community of Teachers program is a three-step process:

  1. Apply to CoT by completing the online application or by submitting a paper application. You may contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and request a paper application.
  2. Arrange a half-hour interview with CoT students and faculty. Applicants will be informed of available interview times.
  3. Visit the seminar groups and state a preference for one group. The program does its best to honor these preferences.
Degree Requirements

Content area requirements for Community of Teachers participants are the same as those for Anchor Program participants. 

In addition to the degree requirements for your chosen content area, you'll also follow a curriculum specially designed for Community of Teachers participants.


Secondary Community of Teachers programs prepare you for a single Indiana teaching license that covers both junior high/middle school and high school. Your license will include a specified content field depending on your program of study and any license additions you pursue. Learn more about applying for your initial teaching license »