Secondary Education

Anchor Program

In the Anchor Program, you'll follow a proven curriculum that combines content knowledge with a solid foundation in the history, theory, and philosophy of education; adolescent development; classroom management; and the use of technology in education.

Content Areas

Choose from among the following content areas:

  • Health (administered through the School of Public Health)


Language Arts/English




Life Science/Biology


Social Studies

Theatre (administered through the College of Arts and Sciences)

Student Teaching

The program culminates in a semester-long student teaching experience in a middle school or high school classroom. There, you'll manage a class, prepare lesson plans, deliver lessons, and assess student performance under the guidance of a mentor teacher.

You can also take on additional field engagements as early as your second semester (depending on your admissions status) through our early field experiences program.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements vary according to your chosen content area. Choose from the list above for full details.


Secondary Education Anchor programs prepare you for one Indiana teaching license that covers both junior high/middle school and high school. Your license will include a specified content field depending on your program of study and any license additions you pursue. Learn more about applying for your initial license »