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Special Education

IU’s Special Education Programs provide graduate students with exceptional coursework and field experiences that prepare them to be teachers and researchers working on behalf of all learners. Special education graduate students study how best to develop individualized programs and adapt instruction for learners with a range of disabilities, including learning disabilities, intellectual or communication impairments, physical, social and emotional delays. These students experience learning challenges in traditional classroom environments and require interventions and supports in order to learn and grow. Dedicated and creative special educators make a difference in the lives of students with disabilities and their families.

At the IU School of education, you will learn about the theoretical foundations of special education, examine the latest research on effective practice in the field and put your knowledge to work in real-world teaching environments that build your skills as an educator and also your confidence. IU graduates are leaders in the community, the nation, and the world. Graduates work in schools and as researchers who improve the lives of all students and contribute to the knowledge base that guides special education policy and practice.

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Programs Offered:

From adaptive technologies to reforming special education law, our faculty is actively engaged with the issues that affect the future of special education.