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The Portfolio Process

The Indiana Professional Standards Board has developed a set of performance-based requirements for teacher education programs in Indiana. Many states (including Indiana) now require beginning teachers to develop professional portfolios during their initial teaching years as a condition of their continued employment. Community of Teachers has always based teacher licensing on the successful completion of 16 performance-based expectations and organizing this evidence into a comprehensive Portfolio. Our program has been identified as being on the cutting edge of innovation in teacher education.

The CoT Portfolio is a powerful personal history, mapping each candidate's growth as a professional educator. It constantly evolves to reflect the candidate's habits of mind, values, character, and commitment. Artifacts that are selected as evidence to include in the Portfolio are not limited to written documents, but often include audio and video recordings, photographs, and  actual works of art. Portfolios mean more than evaluation or assessment; they are tied to our definition of what it means to be a capable teacher. As a CoT candidate, you build evidence, you reflect on who you are and who you want to be. You cannot help but grow. Portfolios catalogue your accomplishments and goals, from successes to instructive failures. Portfolios reflect your views of your abilities and intellectual processes as you articulate your own choices and purposes; you engage in a process of self-evaluation and constant transformation. Your Portfolio is an ever-changing reflection of who you are, what you value, and your progress toward becoming a strong professional educator. Some CoT alumni continue to maintain and update their Portfolios after graduation.

CoT Testimonial:

"[The Portfolio] is the greatest accomplishment of my life."