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Instructional Systems Technology

We improve human learning and performance in diverse contexts. We prepare practitioners and researchers to design and build processes, systems, and services for use in various settings. Individuals and organizations learn and grow through well-designed instruction, and we focus on turning issues into opportunities.

Programs Offered:

We believe instructional materials and tools must reflect the way people acquire, process, and share information. Our research crosses disciplines and incorporates theories of instructional design, the use of emerging digital technologies to support learning, and workplace learning and performance improvement. With the support of faculty, students solve instructional and performance issues through analysis, design, development, evaluation, implementation, and management of learning environments and strategies. As a result, our alumni hold key roles in governmental, corporate, educational and military organizations.

We offer both residential and online-only degrees in instructional systems technology and adult education. That includes Indiana University’s first online-only doctorate, the Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Instructional Systems Technology.

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Our Faculty

IST faculty are instrumental in developing and sharing best practices for creating effective learning environments. As scholars, their research has been instrumental in defining the field. As educators, they have helped hundreds of instructors improve learning for students of all ages and across all segments of society. As mentors, they have prepared graduates who teach and lead in premiere higher education programs around the world.



  • Karen Hallett-Rupp, Director, Office of Instructional Consulting
  • Martin Siegel, Professor of Informatics, IST, and Cognitive Science; Chair, Dept. of Informatics



A degree in instructional systems technology has applications not just in educational settings, but in corporations, government, military, and nonprofit organizations. As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to solve instructional problems and to tackle human performance issues, from training factory workers to use new equipment to developing a change management plan for introducing new management practices in a global company.

Some career options include:

  • E-learning developer
  • Instructional designer
  • Corporate trainer
  • Researcher
  • Professor
  • Education content developer
  • School or university administrator

The Department of Instructional Systems Technology maintains a pre-screened job board for students and alumni. See current IST openings »


For detailed program information, please contact:

Tom Brush, Chairperson
Department of Instructional Systems Technology
W. W. Wright Education Building, Room 2276
Bloomington, Indiana 47405
Phone:(812) 856-8450