Special Education

As a special education major, you'll learn how to teach students with all types of learning needs. You will work with students with learning disabilities, ADHD, interfering behaviors, and many other kinds of disabilities in a variety of school settings. 

Each student has unique needs and you will learn about what you can do to make his or her learning experience successful. For a student with learning disabilities, it might mean providing shorter reading and writing assignments. For a student with behavior issues, it might mean discovering the reason for the behavior and developing an intervention plan to address it. You will discover interventions and supports that you will use to help students learn and grow.

The IU School of Education offers undergraduate degrees in special education at the elementary and secondary levels.

Elementary: Teaching All Learners (TAL) Dual Degree Program

The Teaching All Learners (TAL) program offers dual degrees, preparing students for licensure in both Elementary Special Education and Elementary General Education.

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Secondary Special Education and Community of Teachers (COT) Programs

Secondary special education study will lead to certification for teaching both general education and special education.

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