Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) Certificate

This is a 15 credit hour program designed for students who are interested in exploring the role of student affairs in higher education. The program emphasizes the essential knowledge, intellectual competencies and practical skills necessary to work within a higher education setting. Students are required to complete the following courses:

  • EDUC-U300 Introduction to Higher Education Administration (3 cr)
    Provides an introduction to the organization and policy that guides higher education. Multiple aspects of Higher Education are considered including the impact of higher education policy on students, the organizational structure of institutions, as well as the history and evolution of student affairs as a field and a profession. For more information
  • EDUC-U310 The Role of Students and Student Affairs in Higher Education Administration (3 cr)
    This course focuses on the role of undergraduate students in administration work as co-educators on college campuses. Grounded in research that indicates that students learn most from their peers in college, this course applies practical experiences in order to examine the role and experiences of students in Higher Education Administration.
  • EDUC-U320 Today’s College Student (3 cr)
    This class seeks to answer the question of “Who are today’s college students?” by examining how the identities, demographics, and experiences of college students have changed over time. We explore current trends in higher education and their implications for today’s college student and future generations of students.
  • EDUC-U330 Culture and Diversity in Higher Education (3 cr)
    This course explores how identities, values and beliefs of college students have continued to change throughout the history of Higher Education. Understanding campus climate, diverse student identities, and the role of social justice in education are central to a practitioner’s ability to be culturally competent and to create inclusive practices.
  • EDUC-U208 Training for Paraprofessionals in Student Affairs (3 cr)
    This course requires student to engage in a supervised practicum experience collaborating with staff members of cooperating colleges, universities, governmental commissions, and educational agencies. Students will engage in the practical application of their learning and gain experience in field of student affairs.

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