Shukufe Rahman

Ph.D. in Science Education

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Where did you complete your undergraduate studies?
M.Sc in Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Why did you choose to attend IU Bloomington?
Having worked with children who genuinely want to learn and having an 8-year-old daughter who wants to be a Scientist, I aspire to develop better Science Education for our future generation in Bangladesh. I am highly motivated to improve quality, equity and efficiency in the Science Education system of Bangladesh through research and IU offered opportunities to fulfill my desires. Before coming to IU, I researched my program online where I found many proclaimed faculties and researches that support my research interests. Also, IU is regarded as one of the most scenic campuses in the US which attracts me too.

What should prospective students know about your IU School of Education graduate program?
Education is constantly changing and in order for us, as educators, to provide the best possible education to our youth we owe it to ourselves to continue learning and improving our craft. The graduate program in IU School of education provides you ample opportunities through different researches and projects and active teaching to advance your skills to help inspire positive change and student achievement in today’s educational settings, whether in the classroom or through administration. The graduate program in school of Education has devised a successful formula for this by having the graduate students stick to a schedule of written and oral reports, poster presentations, and formal slide presentations both in and out of the area of their thesis research.

What has been your favorite academic accomplishment since starting your IU Bloomington program?
My favorite academic accomplishment since I've been enrolled as a PhD student in Science Education has been working in a research team with one of my faculty Dr. Valarie Akerson on Nature of Science and getting to know science from another lens. Also, by participating in the Saturday Science Program, I not only enhance my passions towards science education but also explore ways to make Science more fun. Also, I have got a E. Wayne Gross Grant for doing research on A Play-Based Science Educational Intervention for the children in the refugee camps.

What is the best thing about life in Bloomington?
Once you are in Bloomington, I think you'll like it if you enjoy a cost of living below the national average—with easy access to natural attractions. I like the parks, lakes and walking trails which are good destinations for outdoor adventures and activities.