Undergraduate Programs

Whatever life experiences have made you consider becoming a teacher, the IU School of Education can help you become a great one. Here, you’ll get the knowledge and experience to become a reflective, compassionate, and socially conscious teacher with the power to create real, long-term change in the communities where you live and work.

Teachers should never underestimate the power of their impact. The reality is, what educators do in their classroom today really does determine our future.

Melanie Park, 2012 Indiana Teacher of the Year, IU School of Education graduate

Understand the Needs of Diverse Communities

Good teachers understand how ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status shape our perspectives and the way we learn. The IU School of Education is committed to building students’ understanding of issues of access and equity and preparing them to teach in multicultural environments. We also actively seek out passionate, committed students from a wide range of backgrounds, whose perspective informs our research, outreach programs, and student teaching curriculum.