Kaylee Cleghorn

New Zealand

About Me

Kaylee’s Background
My purpose for this experience was threefold. First of all I wanted to gain experience and knowledge through teaching/observing in an overseas setting; secondly, I wanted to network with the great minds on the other side of the globe that are seeking to implement effective changes in education. Thirdly, I wanted to take the time to visit the history and culture of another country firsthand (I am currently a social studies teacher and love any chance to study history!)

Her Placement
I was placed at Vanguard which is a high school-level military-charter school created for the purpose of meeting academic needs in certain students that traditional schooling did not fill. While the school is designed to help the struggling learner only, it is successful in reaching that intended group. The group of like-minded educators who established Vanguard came from a military background themselves and through the acknowledgement of the impact of discipline on their own lives sought to create an institution that instilled discipline upon the struggling students.

A Typical Day
The school day began at 8:45am and concluded by 3:00pm with all academic classes taking place in the morning and physical activity occurring after lunch. Physical Training occurs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. Friday the normal routine changes just a bit. After morning parade students gather for a student- led assembly in which announcements are made, birthdays acknowledged, and a general encouragement/challenge is given. The week is concluded on Friday by section competitions to encourage physical activity and help the week end on a positive note.

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