Global Gateway for Teachers

Global Gateway for Teachers

Student teach almost anywhere.

Spend a semester in another state—or on another continent—and gain real-world teaching experience. Whether you're at IU Bloomington or another campus, we can help you get started on your student teaching journey.

The rigid structure of most teacher education programs makes it difficult to take part in a traditional study-abroad or off-campus internships. Our award-winning program provides students invaluable intercultural immersion experiences while also fulfilling their student teaching requirements.


Our cultural immersion programs are recognized as some of the most rigorous and innovative professional opportunities available. We have been honored by:

  • NAFSA Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award, 2021 
  • Institute of International Education Heiskell Awards for Innovation in Higher Education, 2017
  • International Awards for Innovative Practices in Higher Education, 2011 
  • Goldman Sachs Foundation Prizes for Excellence in International Education, 2005 
  • AACTE's Best Practice Award for Global and International Teacher Education, 2016 and 2001
  • John W. Ryan Award for Distinguished International Programs and Studies, given to Dr. Laura L. Stachowski, Director, 2023
  • School of Education Award for Outstanding International Engagement, given to Dr. Laura L. Stachowski, Director, 2021

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