Late master’s student awarded posthumous degree

School of Education faculty Thomas Nelson Laird, far left, Sarah Lubienski and Michele Moore (second from right and far right) with Alisa Schank’s husband Dave and children Elli and Tucker

Alisa Schank was a graduate student working toward her M.S.Ed. in Educational Leadership when she passed away from cancer last April. Schank’s family was awarded her posthumous degree this semester to honor her and her work. According to Clinical Assistant Professor Michele Moore, Schank wanted to be a Director of Exceptional Needs and Principal. She was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the program and persevered through her illness doing all of her work until she was unable to continue at the very end of her final two courses. 

“She was so passionate about her work in the master's program and she wanted to earn her degree so badly,” Moore said. “She was a model student and educator. I consider it a privilege to have known her.”