Segregated student teaching in the 1930s and the IU Alumni who persevered

(Top row) Nathaniel Sayles, Ernest Stevenson, and Evelyn White; (Bottom row) George Wade and George Porter Photos courtesy of IU Archives

How did Black IU School of Education students navigate student teaching in the 1930s, when they were not allowed in segregated classrooms? A new series of blog posts from IU Archives graduate assistant Jo Otremba will answer that question while giving a glimpse into the lives of these students and the difficulties they faced.

As Otremba writes in the first post, “What you’ll see in each of these individuals is incredible determination and resilience. Despite the hardships of earning degrees during the Great Depression amidst high racial injustice, they moved onward and upward to accomplish their goals and become prominent scholars, educators, and change makers.”

​​Read more about Otremba’s research at IU Archives. This research will also be featured in a poster in the west display case of the Herman B Wells Library lobby.