Cameron Turner hopes to improve IU through Board of Aeons

Sophomore Cameron Turner will have extra responsibility next year: he has been selected as a member of the Board of Aeons for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

The Board of Aeons is a 12-member student research and advisory organization first formed in 1921 that works directly with the president of Indiana University, offering thoughtful and informed student perspectives on campus issues. While the board works discreetly so as to best advocate for students, in the past, it has helped advocate for the creation of the GLB Student Support Services Office, which eventually turned into the LGBTQ+ Culture Center. The Board also recommended for Wells Quad to revert back to a student residence hall and for Old Crescent buildings to become academic centers once again.

“These efforts have bettered this university, and I am ready to advise on the interests and concerns of undergraduate students, especially those of School of Education students and underrepresented individuals within our community,” Turner said.

Joining the Board of Aeons involves a rigorous process that starts with a nomination from a faculty member. From there, Turner, a Secondary Education major concentrating in Life Science/Biology and minoring in Education Policy, had to apply and be interviewed before he was selected to serve on the board. 

“I hope this story will encourage other education students to apply to the Board of Aeons. The unique experiences and perspectives of IU School of Education students are vital to improving this university, and the Board of Aeons is a great organization to express these perspectives,” he added.