School of Education increases graduate fellowship funding

Three graduate fellowships at the IU School of Education will include a substantial increase in funding starting in Fall 2023:

  • The Dean’s Fellowship will provide $30,000/year for four years, an increase of $5000 a year
  • The School of Education Fellowship will provide $25,000/year over four years, an increase of $6000 a year
  • The Faculty Fellowship will provide $22,000/year for four years, an increase of $5000 a year.

These fellowships guarantee at least four years of funding, along with tuition and health insurance.

“Each year we survey applicants about their admissions decision. I have regularly seen comments from students who said they loved meeting our faculty and genuinely wanted to come here, but our funding just wasn’t enough,” Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Sarah Lubienski said. “I am excited that strong graduate students who want to be part of our programs will be much more likely to come here. These fellowship increases will position us to compete with other top Schools of Education in recruiting the strongest graduate students.”

Graduate students who do not receive a fellowship package will still receive at least $22,000 when on a 10-month, half-time assistantship, as well as 30 credits of tuition per year and health insurance. They will also benefit from Student Academic Appointee stipend increases and coverage of fees that began this semester.

“Our faculty have always valued our graduate students as scholars, researchers and instructors,” said Anastasia (Stacy) Morrone, Dean. “Our funding now better reflects our deep appreciation for all that our graduate students bring to and do for our programs.”