How to have a great start as an online student at the IU School of Education

Our many online graduate programs provide students with flexibility, but can also pose unique challenges. As we welcome a new cohort, students currently in our online programs share their advice for making the most of your time at the IU School of Education.

Kristen Poindexter

Science Education

“Use a calendar to schedule out time to work on coursework just like you would if you were in person. Setting aside time helps you plan the rest of your time and make sure you don't miss any assignment due dates.”

Kady Lane

Science Education

“Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to reach out for help. Stay up to date on your assignments, and take advantage of office hours.”

Rebecca Horrace

Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

“As an online student, it is easy to allow school to seep into all aspects of your life. I found it extremely helpful to create a schedule, so I don't become inundated with schoolwork all weekend or during family time. I try to adhere to working only between certain days and/or timeframes, which also keeps school interesting as opposed to a 'chore.' Secondly, reach out to one another--your peers are going through a similar situation and everyone could use support. As an online student, it's easy to feel very distanced and 'alone' as you navigate coursework, projects, quals, and so forth. I now regularly meet with other students in my cohort, students who share an advisor, and work closely with another colleague to not only stay on track, but to help with motivation, questions and sometimes just vent about issues that arise. Find someone sooner rather than later!”

Mary F. Johnston

Science Education

“My advice would first be to get started. Questions and concerns will be addressed by faculty, advisors and peers as you work through your specific programs. Do not expect to work through an online program independently. Sharing with your cohort or members of each course allows for synergy of learning and camaraderie. Enjoy the process!”

Brita Beitler

Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

“Even if you’re an online student, there are still many ways to connect. I’ve been thankful for text groups, study groups and Zoom coffee dates with other students and professors throughout the time I’ve had in the program. ”