2 IU schools joining AI research institutes funded by $40 million in NSF grants

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University will be a principal organization in two of the U.S. National Science Foundation's 11 new NSF National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes, helping advance artificial intelligence to improve people's lives.

Researchers from the IU School of Education at IU Bloomington and the Luddy School are part of the team for the NSF AI Institute for Engaged Learning, which will advance natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning to engage learners in AI-driven narrative-centered learning environments, particularly in STEM. Students will be engaged through story-based problem scenarios.

Distinguished Professor of Education Cindy Hmelo-Silver is the co-principal investigator on the project and has spent her career working on such learning, which helps students learn concepts by using complex, real-world problems.

Other School of Education faculty joining Hmelo-Silver on the project are Department of Instructional Systems Technology chair Krista Glazewski, Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology Anne Leftwich, and learning sciences associate professor Joshua Danish, along with Luddy Professor David Crandall.

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