Colloquium on internationalization brings together schools of education around the Midwest

Joanne Arhar, Director of Global Teacher Education and Jennifer Manise, Executive Director, from the Longview Foundation

Deans and faculty from schools of education at several Hoosier universities gathered in Indianapolis this month for a colloquium on their schools’ experiences with internationalization. The State Colloquium on Internationalizing Schools of Education across Indiana provided a space for the participants to share what they have accomplished in terms of internationalization, as well as to exchange ideas and hear from out-of-state experts about their success stories and the resources that are available to them.

“Efforts to internationalize teacher preparation programs are even more critical due to the impact and potential globally competent teachers have on future generations of students,” said Vesna Dimitrieska, Director of Global Education Initiatives with the Center for P-16 Research and Collaboration and organizer of the colloquium. “Indiana University has been a prominent agent in the field of internationalizing curricula and campuses.” 

Among the many speakers at the colloquium were Gayle Buck, Professor and Associate Dean of Research, and Laura Stachowski, director of Global Gateway for Teachers. Speakers also included faculty from the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies.

The colloquium was the final activity as part of a grant from the Longview Foundation. Through the grant, the Center for P-16 Research and Collaboration has been able to provide workshops for faculty from the School of Education to internationalize their courses. Additionally, the Center for the Study of Global Change within IU’s Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies has organized and led an Institute for Curriculum and Campus Internationalization for many years.