Class of ’63 celebrates 50 years by supporting next generation of teachers

Friday, September 27, 2013

A group of Indiana University School of Education alumni from the class of 1963 is heading into the homestretch of its drive to support the best and brightest education students. The IU School of Education’s 50 year anniversary scholarship campaign will provide funding for the Direct Admit Scholars program to commemorate the five decades since the alumni earned their School of Education degrees.

“I cannot believe it’s been fifty years,” said Martha Street, co-chair of the campaign. “Raising money to support deserving Education students is a wonderful way to celebrate our fifty-year reunion.”

The Direct Admit program attracts the best and brightest students to the School of Education.  Offering scholarship support, invitations to special events, and personalized advising, Direct Admit scholars are admitted directly to the School of Education from day one on campus.  Highly qualified incoming freshmen are invited to apply for direct admission into the School of Education each year.

Alumni from the Class of 1963 are raising money for the Education Class Campaign Scholarship, which supports a Direct Admit Scholar.  Last year, the Class of 1962 did the same, and the as a result of their success, Jori Gonzalez, a senior Direct Admit student studying elementary education, received the 2013-2014 scholarship.  

AJori Gonzalez native of Naperville, Illinois, Gonzalez said that she’s known for a long time that she wanted to teach.  “I had really great teachers when I was younger,” she said, “and I want to pass that along.”  The Direct Admit program has been an important part of her experience at the IU School of Education, spurring her involvement in the Direct Admit Council – a group of Direct Admit students that take a leadership role within the School, organizing events, and serving as mentors to younger students. 

Receiving the 2013-2014 Education Class Campaign Scholarship has meant a lot to Gonzalez, as well.  Not only has the money eased her financial burden, but “it means a lot that my scholarship came from alumni,” she said.  “Everything at IU has history behind it.  As a student, when you’re on campus, you’re very aware that there have been many people who’ve come before you.  I love that I’m a part of that now.”

Members of the Class of 1963 committee are motivated by knowing that their time on campus will now be associated with a scholarship to benefit deserving Education students.   “Serving on the Campaign Committee has reaffirmed the pride that I have in the IU School of Education and the great work that it is doing to educate future teachers like Jori,” said co-chair Sandra Moberly. 

The Class of 1963 will conclude fundraising efforts at IU’s Homecoming on November 2.  The School of Education will honor donors making pledges of $5,000 or more through the campaign with a brick – inscribed with their names – to be placed in front of the W. Wendell Wright School of Education Building on the Bloomington campus.  More information about the IU School of Education and the Direct Admit Scholars program can be found here.