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Our student-teaching philosophy is simple: the more time you spend in real classrooms, the better.

Through our early field experiences program, students have the opportunity to work beside exceptional educators in their own classrooms as early as their second semester. Because of this wealth of experience, our graduates are extremely well-prepared as they begin their careers, as evidenced by the 95% of candidates who have met state licensure requirements over the last four years.

Employment Outcomes »

96% of our graduates from the last three years are employed, 89% full-time. 87% are teaching, 93% full-time.

20 Teacher of the Year Award Recipients »

Our graduates are regularly named the best teachers in the state for their innovative and creative approaches to educating students. 20 Indiana Teacher of the Year award recipients have come through the IU School of Education.

Graduate Survey »

93% of survey respondents said they would recommend the IU School of Education’s Teacher Education Program to others.

According to our graduates, the strengths of our Teacher Education program include:

  • Small class sizes
  • Getting into classrooms as a sophomore
  • Strong faculty and academic advisors
  • Lots of experience collaborating with others
  • Cultural Immersions/Global Gateway
"My favorite parts about the IU School of Education were the small class sizes, the organization of field experiences, and the opportunity to do your student teaching overseas."

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Teacher Evaluations »

According to the most recent IDOE staff performance evaluations (2013-2014), 94.7% of teachers who completed the IU School of Education's Teacher Education program were rated effective or highly effective after just 1 year of teaching (9.4% better than the state average). That number jumps to 97.7% after 3 years of experience (11% better than the state average).

Student Teaching »

Consistent strengths noted by both the candidates and their supervising teachers between 2013-2016 include: preparation to assume classroom teaching responsibilities, to teach their subject/content area, to integrate state college and career-ready standards into lesson plans, and to provide feedback to guide students’ further learning. Overall, both the teacher candidates and supervising teachers ratings consistently were agree to strongly agree with respect to the candidates’ preparation to student teach.