Measures of Success

Graduate Survey Results

120 (93%) of 129

survey respondents said they would recommend the IU School of Education’s Teacher Education Program to others. This is the same result as last year, and up 1% from 2014.

112 (86.8%) of 129

survey respondents said they were currently teaching, up 2.8% from last year.

100 (84%) of 119

respondents working in P-12 education reported that they were employed as full-time teachers, and two were part-time teachers.

Respondents’ individual quotes:

"I loved the ECE program. I loved my professors and I felt that compared to other teacher prep. programs, we were given a lot more time in actual classrooms gaining experience."

"My favorite parts about the IU School of Education were the small class sizes, the organization of field experiences, and the opportunity to do your student teaching overseas."

“It's not the content of my program that I remember, but the way in which my instructors delivered it. I didn't realize how many things I learned just by example. The way my instructors taught, regardless of the course, exposed me to new styles of teaching and learning and helped give me strategies to use in the classroom that I didn't realize I was even picking up at the time. My science methods course was also taught by an active high-school science department chair.”

"The professors I had were incredible. The advice they gave me and the tools they equipped me with to teach have made all the difference in my teaching."

"IU Teaching All Learners program prepared me to work in special education. I began teaching with a thorough knowledge of paper work requirements and teaching practices. I also entered into my career with confidence that came from an abundance of field work in varying placements."

"I loved the in-class experience that began sophomore year, it confirmed my path to become an educator."

"My years in the IU TEP provided me with experiences and professional connections that have greatly benefitted me as an educator. Furthermore, I was even able to design an academic track that met my personal goals, thanks to the support of IU SOE staff and faculty members."

"The IU Teacher Education Program is phenomenal. My experience was nothing short of amazing. Not only did I learn techniques for classroom management, organization, better explanation, and teaching practices, I made great friends. The program is small and you really get to know those who you are learning and working with. The IU School of Education did a great job and I would highly recommend it."

"The IU Teacher Education Program was phenomenal. I loved that my class was so small that we all got individualized attention and plenty of opportunities to practice making and giving lessons. I felt like the professors cared about our success and were genuine about the struggles we would face in the teaching field. I got really good feedback from the teachers I worked with and that really helped me become the teacher I am today."