Health Education

Help teens enhance their health through exercise, nutrition, personal growth, and safety. Health educators are an important force in the lives of teens. From human sexuality to mental health, from physical activity to good nutrition, health educators help teens make smart decisions to improve their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Indiana University’s health education program is administered through The School of Public Health (formerly known as the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, or HPER).

Program of Study

Your health course work will be taught by School of Public Health professors, but you will take education course work offered collaboratively by faculty in the School of Public Health and the IU School of Education.

The program includes extensive work in schools at all grade levels, along side your coursework, as well as an extensive student teaching experience in both an elementary and high school. We can also help you navigate the licensing process and find your first job as a health educator.

Student Teaching

The program culminates in a semester-long student teaching experience where you’ll test your understanding in real-world situations and refine your strategies for instruction and assessment based on your experiences. The School of Education will help you meet your student teaching requirements and assist with placement.

Degree Requirements

Visit the School of Public Health website to learn about health education degree requirements and how to apply.


When you graduate, you'll be able to apply for an Indiana teaching license covering Junior High/Middle School and High School, with health as your specific content field. Learn more about applying for your initial license »