Triad Support

How can triad members support Candidates?

Involvement with the edTPA is a tremendous opportunity for both Teacher Candidates and Supervising Teachers to learn and grow as educators. Candidates will receive some support from the Office of Clinical Experiences, with additional support from Supervising Teachers and University Supervisors.

Ways to support Candidates through the edTPA process:

  • Help the Candidate understand the learning context of the school and classroom/s. Discuss unique learning needs of the students, cultural/personal/community assets, special features of the school, etc.
  • Early in the semester (at least week 2 discuss with the triad members what topics or content the Candidate will plan to teach by the mid-point of the semester.
  • When the Candidate video records their instruction, consider whether you are able to help with the recording process. Although optional, some Supervising Teachers decide to play this role.
  • Discuss with the University Supervisor any questions or concerns about the edTPA.
  • Participate actively in edTPA discussions during the student teaching triad conferences.
  • Familiarize yourself with the key assessment indicators (noted below) for the performance assessment as a means to supporting the Candidate’s efforts at completing the edTPA. If time allows, view Candidate’s lessons and commentaries prior to the midterm conference and provide constructive feedback.

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