Triad Expectations

What can triad members expect?

For Supervising Teachers, your role is to provide support and guidance around Candidates’ teaching. Teacher Candidates completing edTPA will request your guidance early in the semester so they can plan instruction based on a deep knowledge of student needs and strengths.

The Candidates also will seek support from their University Supervisor throughout the process. Candidates are expected to complete the planning for Task 1 of the edTPA prior to midterm conferences so the triad can meet to discuss the Candidate’s work.

Although there is a special focus placed upon completing edTPA, Candidates are expected to plan lessons and teach throughout the student teaching experience. If a Candidate is having difficulty managing the time demands of edTPA with regular student teaching, please discuss this concern with the University Supervisor so this issue can be resolved early in the placement.

Video recording is a new requirement for Teacher Candidates. Candidates are expected to follow the school’s policies and protocols for obtaining the necessary parental/guardian permission or to place those students without permission offcamera. Teacher Candidates are instructed to submit video clips that do not include the names of the Supervising Teacher, school, district or the last names of students.

The scoring of the Candidate’s edTPA will be assigned locally to IUB faculty or experienced content area teachers who have been trained to evaluate the assessment. If a Candidate does not receive a passing scoring on the edTPA, he/she will be asked to refine her/his work and resubmit.

In some cases, Candidates will also submit the edTPA for an “official” national score. While IUB does not require Candidates to submit their edTPA to Pearson for a national score, some Candidates do so to obtain out of state licensure.

triad expectations