Academic Advising

Put yourself on the path to future success as an educator. In the next two years, you’ll face a rigorous schedule of professional teacher education course work and challenging classes in your chosen content area. We help you make sure you get all the classes your degree requires—and find time in your schedule for early field experiences and Global Gateway for Teachers.

In order to plan your four-year course of studies, we encourage you to meet with one of our School of Education advisors as early as possible. You don't have to wait until you are admitted to the School of Education. In addition to helping you plan your studies, academic advisors can also help you find support services on campus, including tutoring in academic subjects, personal counseling, and help with time management. Academic advising appointments may be scheduled by calling (812) 856-8500.

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Advising and Student Services Staff

Four-Year Plan for Future Teachers

The following is a general overview of the path most undergraduates will follow as they pursue their undergraduate education degree. Your personal development will depend on your area of concentration, admission status, and other factors.

Freshman Year 0-29 credits (and transfers)
Sophomore Year 30-59 credits
Junior Year 60-89 credits
Senior Year 90+ credits

Academic Advisement Report

You can monitor your progress toward your degree online through your Academic Advisement Report (available to current students via One.IU). You can see degree requirements for your current major, explore what courses you will need to pursue a different major, and simulate how future courses will affect your progress before you register.