22nd Symposium in Language Education

"Virtual Learning Spaces"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Title: Teacher Identity Redefined: Virtual Spaces in Face-to-Face Classrooms

Julie Rust, Ph.D. student

Although identity talk is all the rage in pre-service education circles (Britzman, 2003; Danielewicz, 2001), very little work describes the tangled inter-relationship between teacher practice, behaviors, roles and teacher identity, not to mention the way these factors are being shaped and reshaped by our changing, digitally-charged world contexts. This research focuses on how the job description of “teacher” is transforming in the context of online social networking discussion forums in traditional classrooms, hybrid situations that blend learning environments with both the virtual and the real, as they call upon the teacher to negotiate and renegotiate their classroom roles in interesting ways.

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Title: A Skype-Buddy Model for Blended Learning

Carmen Macharaschwili, Ph.D. student & Linda Coggin, Ph.D. student

Online learning in higher education allows distance education students to complete degree requirements in virtual environments. Universities are challenged with providing quality education experiences for these students and meet the students’ needs for engagement and challenge within a collaborative framework. This study proposes how Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) could be used to provide face-to-face participation in a traditional classroom using a unique “Skype buddy” system. In this project we examined the experiences related to the satisfaction, benefits, challenges, and surprises of each of the participants (Skype buddies, professors, and other students in the class) in two doctoral seminars.

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Title: Online Reading Support: A Study of Second Language Learners’ Online Reading Comprehension Strategies

Jaehan Park, Ph.D. student | Jae-Seok Yang, Ph.D. student | Sang-Jai Choi, Ph.D. student | Yi Jin Hsieh, Ph.D. student

The study intends to obtain a grasp of English as second language learners’ online reading support use and explore the online reading strategies they use when reading texts in a nonlinear online environment. Our participants are eight graduate students from Asian countries (Korea, China, and Taiwan) in different fields of study, as well as 200+ international students in online survey. The data were collected through pre- and post- reading interview and the video-recorded ‘reading aloud’ task of rading online articles, and through the online survey inquiring about their online reading support use and strategies. The result helps us build an inventory of second language learners’ online reading support use (websites they go to). It also shows how our participants find both linguisitc support and content support when reading online texts.

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22nd SLED Symposium Team
  • Kierstan Connors (Co-Chair, 22nd SLED Organizing Committee)
  • Christy Wessel-Powell (Co-Chair, 22nd SLED Organizing Committee)
  • Hye-Kyung Kim (Committee member)
  • Jackie Sydnor (Committee member)
  • Jaehan Park (Committee member & webmaster)
  • Kwanjira Chatpunnarangsee (Committee member)
  • Ying-Sin Chen (Committee member)
  • Yi-Ting Chen (Committee member)

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