21st Symposium in Language Education

Friday, October 29th, 2010
(ED1225, School of Education)

Writing Across Cultures: The Books and Beyond Project

Beth Lewis Samuelson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor & James Kigamwa, Ph.D. Candidate

Writing Across Cultures
: The Books and Beyond Project is a partnership of the IU Global Village Living-Learning Center, the Newark Collegiate Academy in NJ, and Kabwende Primary School in Kinigi, Rwanda. Over the last two years the project has generated two story books written by students from Africa and their peers in the US. In this presentation titled Writing Across Cultures, we highlight some of the processes and the subsequent products of the partnership with a focus on teaching middle and high school students about writing across cultures.

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Of Penguins and Moral Panic: The Discursive Construction of Us and Them

Nick Husbye, Ph.D. Candidate

Using critical computer-mediated discourse analysis, this presentation examines the ideological stances around which membership groups are formed regarding concepts of homosexuality through messages posted to Amazon.com for the picture book And Tango Makes Three. Analyzing 106 customer reviews and 197 comments to customer reviews, the study uses a textual analysis of how the groups us and them are constructed through discourse using an ideological square (van Dijk, 1998). The presentation concludes with descriptions of the language use of each group and how understanding these functions might be useful in efforts to include LGBT material in classroom literacy activities.

Picturing English: Participatory Photography in a College EFL Classroom in Taiwan

Yi-ching Lee, Ph.D. Candidate

This presentation discusses the theoretical rationales and methodological considerations of using Photovoice, a participatory photography project in English language classrooms. Examples and data from a photography project with a group of Taiwanese college EFL students will be presented. Pictures and written narrative that students created to describe and reflect upon their experience as English language learners provide us, educators and researchers, a window to look into and understand their learning experience. The presenter will also address the benefits and challenges of integrating participatory photography in EFL curriculum.

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21st SLED Symposium Team
  • Sheri Jordan (Chair, 21st SLED Organizing Committee)
  • Ying-Sin Chen (Committee member)
  • Yi-Ting Chen (Committee member)
  • Kierstan F. Connors (Committee member)
  • Ji Yeon Kim (Committee member)
  • Christy Wessel-Powell (Committee member)
  • Jackie Sydnor (Committee member)
  • Kyung Ae Yoo (Committee member)

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