18th Symposium in Language Education

Friday, April 10
(EDUC 3025, School of Education)

Examining translocal discourses: Mobility, literacies and cultural practices

Dr. Carmen Medina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

Using theories of translocal cultural movements from anthropology, cultural studies and socio-critical literacy studies, this presentation examines students' participation in school literacy practices in relation to emerging local and global discourses. I focus on how literacy practices are discursively produced among students and their collective negotiation of multiple social and cultural worlds as they participate in and move across contexts. I will share data from three projects examining the complex relationship between local community literacies, school literacy practices and global literacies. The aim is to begin thinking of the relationship between literacies across contexts in the creation of hybrid literacy pedagogies.

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A postmethod-condition pronunciation approach in an EFL classroom in Taiwan

Shu-Hsiu Huang, Doctoral Student, Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

'Wowo's Adventure,' a story made up of 21 consonants and 16 vowels employs a culture-related, mnemonics-based and learner-centered pronunciation teaching approach with an aim of infusing it into Taiwanese pronunciation instruction to help resolve how pronunciation is taught in Taiwan. The first part of this paper introduces a story with the use of vivid description and pictorial representation of each consonant and vowel. The second part of this paper focuses on implementation of this approach for children. Close and detailed observation that took place in an EFL classroom (for five successive class meetings with each lasting for ninety minutes) in Taiwan is described. In the last part, 11 student participants' pretest and posttest scores on their pronunciation are compared, and a qualitative description from interviews of teacher (1) and students' (11) reaction this approach is offered to show their changed attitude toward teaching and learning English.

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Sharing a photovoice experience: Ethics, methodological concerns, and opportunities

Candace Kuby & Sarah Vander Zanden, Ph.D. Candidates, Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

Photovoice is a methodology in which participants play an active role in gathering data, identifying insights through analysis of photographs of their lives and deciding how to proceed as a collective. A driving goal of photovoice is to advocate for change, often beginning with a public forum to share the photos and experiences with policy makers. The dialogue between participants and policy makers about insights gained throughout the process is essential for Photovoice. In this session, we will share from our Photovoice experiences as a framework for discussing ethodological issues that arise when making participatory action research public. Specifically, we will explore how researchers represent experiential methodologies and the ethical dilemmas in how the data are used.

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