14th Symposium in Language Education

March 21st, 2008 Friday 2-4 PM Room 3025

Roots of the New Literacy Studies: What Does Language Have to Do with It Anyway?

Serafin Coronel-Molina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Language Education, Indiana University (Bloomington)

In this presentation, I will share my own views on the roots of the New Literacy Studies. I will also explore the fundamental role language -in the broad sense of the word- plays in any literacy studies.

Can textbook modification scaffold both language and content?

Yoosun Jung, HaYoung Lee, Young-Mee Suh & Eun Young Park, Ph.D. Students, Language Education, Indiana University (Bloomington)

This study investigated how math textbooks can be modified in order to enhance 4th and 5th grade English language learners’ comprehension while building cognitive academic language proficiency. An additional aspect was to track the process we took to work through the facilitative medium of a local ESL Teacher Study Group. We consider issues related to the modification process in order to provide pedagogical implications for English language learners and teachers in the future.

Boys and Literacy: Lessons Learned from England and Australia

Tina Louise Mickleborough, Ph.D. Student, Language Education, Indiana University (Bloomington)

Against a backdrop of “under-achievement” by boys in literacy which has been established as an issue for at least fifteen years in both the UK and Australia, this study set out to interrogate the findings of research initiated in response to the “boy turn” in both of these countries in order to establish what has emerged in the way of pragmatic solutions. Since this issue is increasingly a topic of concern in the US and Canada, this presentation discusses what suggestions for a way forward might usefully be gleaned from the two bodies of research literature.

14th SLED Committee
  • Lenny Sanchez
  • NamHee Kim
  • Sarah Meredith Vander Zanden
  • Yu-Hsiu Lee
  • Janet Noreen Blackwood

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