15th Symposium in Language Education

April 18th, 2008 Friday, 2:00pm (ED3017)

"There Are People Down Here":Teacher Research as a Collective Project of Humanization

Gerald Campano, Ph.D., Assistent Professor of Language Education

Abstract: This presentation argues that, ideally, teacher research involves a meta-theoretical inquiry stance that has affinities with the intellectual and material labor of activist movements.

Another Look at Metacognitive Strategies with Young Children

Candace Kuby, Ph.D. Student , Language Education

Abstract: This presentation explores metacognitive reading strategies with primary aged children.The field of literacy research on metacognitive reading strategy instruction is heavily geared towards upper elementary students and beyond. Should metacognitive reading strategies be taught explicitly to primary aged children? Do they emerge naturally in young children?s talk about texts? Should strategies be taught in isolated units of study? This exploratory case study of two-second graders attempts to answer these questions.

Cultural Affirmation in Andean Primary Schools

Hayley Piper, Master's Student of Language Education

Abstract: Hayley Piper will talk about her experience developing literacy programs in rural schools of the Peruvian Andes. Her presentation will give specific attention to the way in which the schools and curriculum in the area have been designed to serve the needs of a westernized-Spanish speaking culture and do not adequately take into account the culture and language of the Andean people. She will share pictures, voice recordings and short stories written by Andean children to animate her experience. She will also share her plans for a future project called a Book to Build Bridges which will encourage teachers to make use of more "Andean-Friendly pedagogy" in their classrooms.

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