Fall 2018 Campus Course Schedule

Fall 2018 Campus Course Schedule

Fall 2018 (4188) Schedule Campus Courses
CourseSec.Course TitleDay/TimeRoomInstructor
F5006518Topical Exploration in Ed (AI Only) (3cr)OnlineOnline
R5054616Workshop in IST: Professional Portfolio in IST (Distance Masters) (3cr)OnlineOnline Brush
R5114696Instructional Technology Foundations (3cr)OnlineOnlineMyers
R5114697Instructional Technology Foundations (3cr)R 4:00 - 6:45ED 2275Boling
R5211941Instructional Design and Development 1 (3 cr)OnlineOnlineKwon
R5211942Instructional Design and Development 1 (3 cr)W 1:00 - 3:45ED 2275Kwon
R54133180Instructional Development and Production 1 (3 cr)TR 1:00 - 2:15ED 2275Boling
R5469835Instructional Technology: Think, Coll, Motivation - Weeks 1-8 (3 cr)S 8:00 - 1:00ED 2101Bonk

Practicum in IST- Residential Masters students (AUTH) (1-3cr) 

Online ARRGlazewski

Practicum in IST- Distance Masters students (AUTH) (1-3cr) 

R5901944Independent Study or Research in IST (AUTH) (1-3cr) OnlineARRGlazewski
R59015098Independent Study or Research in IST (Distance Students) (1-3cr) OnlineARRGlazewski
R6216572Analysis for Instruction/Performance Improvement (3cr)OnlineOnlineCho
R6217780Analysis for Instruction/Performance Improvement (3cr)M 1:-3:45ED 2275Cho
R6254604Designing Instructional Systems (3cr)OnlineOnlineHonebein
R63033181Learner Analysis in the IST Process (3cr)OnlineOnlineHitchcock
R6861945Internship in IST (AUTH) (3-6cr)OnlineARRGlazewski
R6901946Application of Research methods to IST (Ed.D. students) (3cr)OnlineOnlineOzogul
R6951947Research seminar in IST (3cr)F 1:15-4:00ED 2275Ozogul
R6991948Specialist Project in IST (1-3cr)ARRARRChair
R7111949Readings in Instructional Technology (AUTH) (3cr) W 1:00 - 3:45pmED 2271Glazewski
R7118243Readings in Instructional Technology  (Ed.D. Students Only) (3cr)OnlineOnlineBrush
R79510089Dissertation Proposal Prep (Ed.D. Students Only) (3cr)OnlineOnlineHitchcock
R7956735Dissertation Proposal Prep (3cr) 
F 1:15 - 4:00pmEG 918Hitchcock
R7991950Doctoral Dissertation in IST (Ph. D.) (1-12 cr)OnlineARRGlazewski 
R7994630Doctoral Dissertation in IST (Ph. D. in absentia) (1-12 cr)OnlineARRGlazewski
R79934366Doctoral Dissertation in IST (Ed. D.)   
D5059084Adult Learning Through the Lifespan(3cr)OnlineOnlineTreff
D5128560Forms and Forces in Adult Education (3cr)OnlineOnlinePickard
D52110114Participation Training in Adult Education -Weeks 9-16 (2cr)OnlineOnlineTreff
D5249085Organizing Programs in Adult Education (3cr)OnlineOnlinePickard
D5508428Practicum in Adult Education (AUTH) (1-3cr)OnlineOnlineTreff
D5908429Independent Study in Adult Education (AUTH) (1-3cr)OnlineOnlineTreff
F5009088Topics Seminar: Adult Education New Student Orientation Weeks 1-8 (1cr)OnlineOnlineTreff
D60012973The Teacher-Learning Transaction in Adult Education (3cr)OnlineOnlineFaculty
D6409836Capstone Seminar in Adult Education (AUTH) (3cr)OnlineOnlineTreff
D6508434Internship in Adult Education (AUTH) (1-6cr) OnlineOnlineTreff
D6608435Readings in Adult Education (AUTH) (1-6cr) OnlineOnlineTreff

* = Note: There is a $68 fee for these IST classes. This is in addition to the mandatory technology fee assessed by the University. A maximum of $68 is assessed each semester regardless of the number of asterisked courses you enroll for.

AUTH denotes prior authorization required; DP denotes Distance Program only; DM denotes Distance Masters only; PHD denotes Doctoral students only
ARR = To be arranged by teacher and student
TBA = To be announced

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