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February 2019
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ACPA & NASPA Reception Information
Please join us for our Indiana University Receptions at ACPA & NASPA.
2019 ACPA Annual Convention in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Title of Event: Indiana University Alumni & Friends Reception
  • Venue: Sheraton Boston Hotel
  • Room: Liberty C
  • Date: March 4, 2019
  • Time: 6:30-7:30pm 
2019 NASPA Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California
  • Title of Event: Indiana University Alumni & Friends Reception
  • Venue: JW Marriott LA Live
  • Room: Gold 3
  • Date: March 11, 2019
  • Time: 7-8:30pm
Remembering Dr. Michael Gordon
Our hearts are heavy with sympathy as we hear of the recent passing of Dr. Michael Gordon, former Dean of Students at IU. Gordon served as dean of students from 1981 to 1991. He was one of the first black men to hold a high administrative position at IU. During Gordon's time as dean, the Student Advocates Office was created and he was one of the first co-chairs on the Commission on Personal Safety. HESA Alumnus, Jason DeSousa, worked with Gordon in the dean of students office for three years and remembers Gordon as a great listener who would talk with anyone about any issue without judgement. DeSousa said it was not uncommon for students to shout out to Gordon to say hello as he walked across campus between meetings. “It seemed as though Michael knew every last one of those students’ names,” DeSousa said. Today, we remember Michael Gordon for his leadership, commitment to mentorship, and his personal connection to several HESA alumns during his time at IU and beyond.
Dr. Shaun R. Harper receives the Bobby E. Leach Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award
Dr. Shaun R. Harper (Ph.D. ‘03) recently received the Bobby E. Leach Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award from NASPA. This award honors a senior student affairs professional or faculty member who has demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion throughout their administrative or academic tenure. Awardees must demonstrate a strong and sustained record of professional and/or civic involvement in activities that promote diversity and inclusion in education and/or the community; active engagement in advocating for, and advancing, diversity and inclusion in the profession through one’s administrative and/or academic work; active engagement in taking a stand on critical issues related to diversity, and inclusion; and be an individual whose work has “broken barriers”. Dr. Harper is the Founder & Executive Director of the Race & Equity Center at the University of Southern California where he is also Provost Professor of Education & Business and the Clifford & Betty Allen Chair in Urban Leadership.
Kathy Adams Riester serves as Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Executive Associate Dean of Students 
Kathy Adams Riester (M.S. Ed. ‘95) was recently appointed as the Executive Associate Dean of Students for the Division of Student Affairs at Indiana University in addition to her position as the Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs. In her roles, Kathy oversees IU’s student, family, military, and campus life programs, as well as the overall safety of the Bloomington campus. Kathy leads the critical efforts behind student services, sorority and fraternity life, student care, student conduct, the Center for Veteran and Military Students, Student Legal Services, and Disability Services for Students. Kathy began her new role in February 2019.
HESA Welcomes Personal Updates! 
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Hurtado, S., Gonyea, R. M., Graham, P. A., & Fosnacht, K. (2019). The Relationship Between Residential Learning Communities and Student Engagement. The National Survey of Student Engagement.
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