HESA Highlights - January 2018

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Dr. Robert H. Shaffer Celebration of Life
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Celebration of Life for Dr. Robert Shaffer. The weekend was filled with tributes and memories of a mentor, scholar, father, and friend. We successfully raised the money to dedicate a tree and bench in Dr. Shaffer’s name on the IUB campus. The location of the bench overlooks Dunn Meadow where numerous student festivals and protests were staged while Dr. Shaffer served as Dean of Students. The tree and bench are directly across from each other and they are just down the hill from where his office was in Maxwell Hall. In the nearby area are trees dedicated to numerous students who were enrolled at IU when Dr. Shaffer served as Dean of Students. More information about Dr. Shaffer and the Robert H. Shaffer Memorial Fund can be found online here. We will be holding a Celebration of Life in partnership with NASPA at the 100th NASPA Annual Conference on Monday, March 5, 2018 from 4-6 p.m. More information will be shared in early 2018.
Stacey Abshire and Kelly Freiberger
Alumni Awards
We are soliciting nominations for the Elizabeth A. Greenleaf and Robert H. Shaffer Awards. Nominations are being accepted through February 1, 2018, and awards will be presented at the 2018 NASPA and ACPA conferences.

The Elizabeth A. Greenleaf Award is presented annually to a graduate of the master's degree program who exemplifies "the sincere commitment, professional leadership and personal warmth" of Betty Greenleaf, for whom the award is named. The Robert H. Shaffer Award is presented to a graduate of the Higher Education doctoral program who exemplifies outstanding service to the student affairs profession.

Send your nominations and letter of support to: HESA c/o Kathy Murphy at murphy65@indiana.edu  or Higher Education Program; 201 N. Rose Avenue, 4221C, Bloomington, IN 47405. Nominations will be accepted through February 1st, 2018.
Brooke Moreland receives GLACUHO Article of the Year Award
Brooke Moreland (M.S. Ed ‘13) and Jasmine Armstrong were recently selected for this year’s (2017) GLACUHO TRENDS Article of the Year Award for their piece on “Serving at the pleasure of student development: Serving as a mentor in higher education.” The Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers (GLACUHO) aims to provide the best opportunities for housing officers to learn, lead and serve. GLACUHO held its 2017 annual conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Dr. Lori Patton-Davis is awarded ASHE Presidency
Dr. Lori Patton Davis was elected as the 2018 President of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE). ASHE promotes collaboration among its members and others engaged in the study of higher education through research, conferences, and publications, including its highly regarded journal, The Review of Higher Education. ASHE values rigorous scholarly approaches to the study of higher education and practical applications of systemic inquiry.
Katherine Wheatle and Dr. Harper Complete their Terms with ASHE
Katherine Wheatle, current doctoral candidate in the Higher Education Program at IU, and Dr. Shaun Harper (’03), IU HESA alumnus, completed their terms as Graduate Student Representative and President of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), respectively. Thanks for your service to ASHE!
Jennifer Zamora is Elected ACUI President
Jennifer Zamora (M.S.Ed. '04) has recently been elected the new ACUI President. ACUI is committed to becoming the innovative, responsive, and inclusive leader in creating progressive education, training, and research in college unions and student activities to excel in meeting member needs, impacting student learning, and enhancing campus communities. Newly elected Board of Trustees members will officially take office at the 2018 Annual Conference.
Gerardo Gonzalez Selected as University of Florida’s Distinguished Alumnus
Dr. Gerardo Gonzalez, Dean Emeritus and Professor in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program, has been selected to receive the University of Florida Distinguished Alumnus Award. This prestigious award recognizes alumni who have excelled in their chosen field or who have performed outstanding service for the university. The award will be presented publicly at the UF spring 2018 commencement ceremonies.
Natasha Saelua to receive Asian Pacific American Network Award
Natasha Saelua has been selected to receive the 2018 Asian Pacific American Network Award for her contributions to the advancement of equitable practices that support underserved communities, including Pacific Islander students. Saelua currently works with Dr. Sam Museus in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Program, the National Institution for Transformation and Equity (NITE), and the Center for Postsecondary Research to expand what faculty know about how to create inclusive, supportive environments.
Global Village LLC
2018 SPA Executive Board
It is with great excitement that we share the 2017-2018 SPA Executive Board. Please join us in congratulating the new team!

Andrea Jarquin

Ivette Olave

Jorge Lopez

Oyindamola Bamgbola

Director of Member Relations
Alejandro Rios

Directors of Programming
Olivia Daley & Meagan Roberts

Directors of Outreach
Kelsey Darnell, Alfred Garcia, & Tyler Switsky

Journal Co-Editors
Vandana Pawa & Becca Kates

Delgar Woodruff
HESA Student & Faculty Conference Presentations
HESA faculty and students have been busy sharing their work at conferences! Congratulations to all those who presented their research in November/December!

The following were presented at the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) Conference:

• Viewing Higher Education as a Sea of Islands: The Impact of Student Engagement on Cultural Validation of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Students
- Natasha Saelua, Amy K Ribera, Allison BrckaLorez, Sam Museus

• Peering into the Black Box of Grit: How Does Grit Influence the Engagement of Undergraduates?
- Kevin Fosnacht, Keeley A Copridge, Shimon Sarraf

• Beauty in a Crooked Room: INvestigating the Discourse of Black Women in Pageantry at a Predominantly White Institution of Higher Education
- Angel Cassandra Nathan, Gloria Howell, Francesca A White, Alandra Harris-Hasan

• Symbolic Frame Analysis of Organizational Change Efforts in Diversity and Inclusion
- Varaxy Yi, Samuel Museus, Ting-Han Chang, Natasha Saelua, Stephanie Matthew, Jasmine Haywood, Lucy LePeau

• Critical Strategies that Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs) Utilize to Enhance Institutional Effectiveness
- Samuel Museus, Jacqueline Mac, Raquel Wright-Mair, Amy Wang, Adrianne Sarreal, Josh Manlove

• High-Impact Practices: A Critical Interrogation Meets an Opportunity for Cultural Engagement
- Organizer: John Zilvinskis
- Chair: Samuel Museus
- Presenters: Natasha Saelua, Cindy Ann Kilgo, Elizabeth Nuñez, Rong “Lotus” Wang

• Madame Matriarch and Sister Sapphire: The Crafting of Black Women HBCU Presidential Narratives in the Media
- Felecia Commodore, Amanda Elaine Washington, A.C. Johnson, Cheleah V. Googe, Megan Covington

• It Goes Down in the Comments: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Conversations about Black Women HBCU Presidents
- Felecia Commodore, Amanda Elaine Washington, A.C. Johnson, Cheleah V. Googe, Megan Covington

• Examining International Student Experiences and Systematic Racism, White Supremacy, and Nativism in American Higher Education
- Ting-Han Chang

• Activist or Trustee? Exploring the Role and Effect of Student Members of Governing Boards
- Jon Lozano

• Biracial Students’ Collegiate Interactions and Perceptions of the Campus Environment
- Allison BrckaLorenz, Jessica C. Harris, Thomas Nelson Laird

• The Highly Involved Black Student and their Academic Success
- Donté Miller

• High-Impact Practices: Is the Impact Positive or Negative for Students of Color?
- Jillian Kinzie, Alexander McCormick, Robert Gonyea

• Identity-Based Campus Centers as Power(Full) Places? Prospects for Liberatory Praxis
- Presenter: Lori Patton Davis

• An Intersectional Examination of Undergraduate Black Women and College Choice
- Lori Patton Davis, Sacha Sharp, Keeley A. Copridge

• Religious Intolerance on Campus: A Multi-Institution Study
- Kevin Fosnacht, Cynthia F. Broderick

• Starting to Build and Use a National General Education Database
- Thomas Nelson Laird, Jihye Kwon

• Understanding the Invisibility of Asian Americans within Institutions of Higher Education: A Qualitative Analysis of the Perspectives of Asian American Student Organization Advisors
- Jeffrey Grim, Nue Lee, Vanessa Na, Marie Ting, Samuel Museus

• (Up)Lift as We Climb: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Southeast Asian American Women Pursuing the Academy
- Vanessa Na, Varaxy Yi, Jacqueline Mac, Latana Thaviseth

• Institutionalizing Diversity Agendas: An analysis of Presidents’ Councils for Diversity As Mechanisms for Strategic Change
- Lucy LuPeau, Sarah S. Hurtado, Latosha M. Williams
• The Color of Debt: Racial Difference in Borrowing Behaviors
- Xiqian Liu, Jihye Kwon, Victor Borden

• The Social Action Leadership for Transformation (SALT) Model: A New Framework for Leadership that Advances Social Justice
- Samuel Museus, Nue Lee, Kevin A. Calhoun, Laura Sanchez-Parkinson, Marie Ting

• Low-Income Students Attending Low-Resource Public High Schools
- Awilda Rodriguez, Tiffany Jones, Edward Smith, Stella M. Flores, Ryan J. Davis

The following were presented at the Professional & Organizational Development (POD) Conference:
• Examining Diversity Inclusivity in College Courses: Updates and Trends
- Sarah Hurtado, Thomas Nelson Laird, Bridget Yuhas

• Making Institutional Assessment Results Meaningful to Faculty and Faculty Development
- Jillian Kinzie

• Why do we teach? Examining Faculty Teaching Experiences and Motivation
- Allison BrckaLorenz, Bridget Yuhas, Robert Stupnisky

The following were presented at the History of Education Society (HES) Conference:
• Philanthropic Aspirations for the Education of Her People: The Contributions of Antonia Pantoja (1922-2001)
- Andrea Walton

• Conditions of Success: The Asian American Studies Social Movement in the Midwest, 1990 – 2009
- Stephanie Nguyen

The following were presented at the 2017 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis, IN:
• Assessing Diversity Inclusivity in College Courses: Updates and Trends
- Thomas Nelson Laird, Sarah Hurtado, Bridget Yuhas

• A National View of the Field: 2017 NILOA Provost Survey Results
- Jillian Kinzie, George Kuh

• Engagement Insights: Applying NSSE to Student Affairs Assessment
- Jillian Kinzie, Sarah Hurtado, Amy Ribera

• Making the Most of NSSE: Customization Options for Survey Administration and Reporting
- Robert Gonyea

The following were presented at various other conferences:
• NASPA Multicultural Institute
- The Power, Pain, and Pride Behind the Voices of Latina Student Affairs Professionals
- Berenice Sanchez, Cinthya Salazar, Jennifer Guerra

• Organization of Educational Historians Conference
- Mission Incomplete: A Historical Examination of Indiana University Bloomington’s Student Minority Recruitment and Retention Programs
- Sacha Sharp, Angel Nathan

• Association of American Colleges and Universities Global Engagement and Social Responsibility Conference
- Exploring Disciplinary Differences in Global Engagement and Learning
- Jillian Kinzie, Alexander McCormick, Thomas Nelson Laird

• Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
- Leveraging Community Engaged Learning to Increase Academic and Workforce Outcomes
- Panelists: Madeline Yates, Brian Rose, Lauren Kaplan, Jillian Kinzie

• Tri-Regional NAFSA Conference
- Integration in Higher Education: Supporting International and First Generation Students
- Ania Peczalska, Drew Ross
• Presidential Session on Formerly Incarcerated Students
- Katherine Wheatle
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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:
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Books and Book Chapters:
Middendorf, J., & Shopkow, L. Overcoming Student Learning Bottlenecks: Decode Your Disciplinary Critical Thinking. Stylus: Sterling, VA, 2017.

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Middendorf, J., Wang, L. (2017). Transforming STEM Faculty through Evidence-based Teaching and Growth Mindset. Poster presented at the Professional and Organizational Development Network Conference, Montreal, CA.

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