2022 AERA Doctoral Student Cohort Program

2022 AERA Doctoral Student Cohort Program

The School of Education is partnering with the American Educational Research Association (AERA) to offer you reduced dues for membership in AERA. This 1-year introductory program is a unique opportunity to gain access to the professional association where much of your future network will emerge. The offer is open only to doctoral students who have not been members of AERA previously.

Membership is available to you for $29 dues, a major discount over the traditional graduate student dues of $65.

As the most recognized education research membership organization, AERA’s primary goal is to advance education research and its practical application. Its 22,000 members include educators, administrators, counselors, researchers, evaluators, and graduate students. AERA’s Annual Meeting engages over 14,000 attendees each year. The upcoming AERA Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 22-26, 2022 in San Diego on "Cultivating Equitable Education Systems for the 21st Century" either in person or virtually. 

Join AERA the 2022 Doctoral Student Cohort Program and receive membership through December 31, 2022. As soon as you join, you will receive email announcements about funding and presenting opportunities from AERA.

Benefits of Membership

  • You will receive complimentary electronic access to all six of AERA journals. If you wish to have journals mailed to you, you can pay the student rate of $10 per journal. 
  • Attend the AERA Annual Meeting scheduled for April 21-26, 2022 in San Diego at the discounted AERA member student registration fee rate.  
  • A complimentary membership in one of AERA’s 12 Divisions. Additional Division memberships are just $5 each.
  • The $7 Special Interest Group (SIG) administrative fee is waived, so that you can sign up for one or more of AERA’s over 150 SIGs and pay the student SIG dues. This is where you can find communities in your specific interest area.
  • Receive announcements of fellowships, awards, grants, and numerous calls for submissions. You will receive these notices immediately upon your joining.
  • Take advantage of valuable networking opportunities through Divisions, SIGS, and the AERA Graduate Student Council(GSC).
  • Receive the AERA graduate student newsletter, Connections, published three times a year and join the GSC’s listserv.
  • Access a host of other useful services (e.g., the AERA Job Board, the repository of papers from AERA Annual Meetings, discount insurance) to assist you.

Process for enrolling as an AERA 2022 Cohort Doctoral Student

  1. Go to aera.net/22cohort (NOTE: if you login at www.aera.net, you will not be able to access this program).
  2. If you do not already have an AERA account, create a username and password by scrolling down on the Login page and click on the button “Activate or Create My Account” and on the next page select “Create a New Account.”Provide your email address and you will be directed to an online membership form to complete.
  3. It is most important that when completing the online form that you answer the question, “Name of school you attend,” by typing in the words “<Indiana>” to search for your school name and selecting from the drop-down menu this exact name, “Indiana University - Bloomington.” If you do not select your school correctly, you will receive a message saying that your school is not participating.
  4. You will be asked a series of questions to answer.
  5. You will be asked to select membership and enter the Cohort Code of “2022cohortstudent” and select complimentary Division membership and you may wish to add additional Divisions at $10 each. Select “Next,”
  6. Select any of the 150 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that you wish to join with the $7 administrative fee waived for joining one or more SIGs and you would pay the student dues for any SIG that you select.
  7. Agree to the AERA Code of Ethics.
  8. Select “Finish,”
  9. You will come to the payment page, which identifies each item that you selected with what is complimentary or has a fee. There are buttons if you want to “Update your Cart,” “Continue Shopping,” or “Proceed to check out” and pay with your credit card to obtain AERA Cohort Doctoral Student Membership for 2022.

Become engaged with AERA by connecting and volunteering with the leaders of the Graduate Student Council, the Division, and any SIGs that you join. With the activities, opportunities, and, most importantly, the relationships you develop because of your AERA membership will benefit your lifetime professional career. 

Questions? Please contact the AERA Membership Team at 202-238-3200 or email members@aera.net.

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