Undergraduate Majors

Non-Teaching Majors

Teaching Majors

Pre-School and Elementary (Grades P–6)

Secondary Education (Grades 5–12)

  • B.S.Ed. in Journalism
  • B.S.Ed. in Language Arts/English
  • B.S.Ed. in Mathematics
  • B.S.Ed. in Chemistry
  • B.S.Ed. in Earth-Space Science
  • B.S.Ed. in Life Science/Biology
  • B.S.Ed. in Physics
  • B.S.Ed. in Social Studies
  • B.S.Ed. in Secondary Special Education*
    • Concentrations: Science, Math, Language Arts/English

All School Settings (Grades P–12)

*Through the Community of Teachers program
Administered through the Jacobs School of Music

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