Community of Teachers

The Three Pillars of CoT


CoT includes a seminar that meets weekly on Tuesday nights. Students collaborate in choosing the readings based around a chosen pedagogical theme. Students lead seminar with support from their faculty facilitator. Part of each class is dedicated to discussion of current topics in field experiences.


Each student in CoT creates a portfolio consisting of 16 expectations based on Indiana’s Ten Principles of Performance and the Interstate New Teacher Assessment Standards Consortium (INTASC) standards. Students gather evidence from their own educational background and their field experience. Students critically reflect on what their evidence means for their practice as a teacher. Completion of the portfolio leads to recommendation for licensure.

Field Experience

Extensive field experience is a cornerstone of CoT. Students choose an experienced teacher to be their mentor in the field. Students work with their mentor 6 hours a week for at least 2 semesters and during student teaching.

Is CoT right for you?

The CoT program holds Community as its foundation. Success in CoT requires collaboration and communication as well as initiative. To ensure you can benefit from the program, you will be interviewed by current members before you will be invited to join.

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