Students and faculty connect to discuss democracy and equity in education

The “Table Conversations” event was hosted by the INSPIRE Living-Learning Center

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Students recently had the opportunity to connect with faculty about their experiences with democracy and equity in education as part of a “Table Conversations” event held in the School of Education atrium. The event was hosted by the INSPIRE Living-Learning Center.

Faculty was divided among the tables to talk about personal experiences in education and topics ranging from historical issues in education to technology in the classroom. Students could rotate to different table every 20 minutes, and those who did gained unique insight.

“We heard connecting viewpoints on everything from literature to technology to equity in education,” said education student Caitlyn D’Elia. “This was a great opportunity to really hear about their passion, and how they were able to make an impact in the classroom.”

Students were encouraged to ask faculty about their journey in education while faculty had the opportunity to connect with students, and learn why they have decided to pursue a career in education.

Terry Mason talks with students

“I really enjoyed reconnecting with our undergraduate students,” said Dean Terry Mason. “It has been a while since I taught in our teacher education program. I was truly impressed with the energy and excitement they expressed about a career in teaching and the insightful questions and comments they made. It made me think that we should invite some of those who have doubts about the quality and commitment of our prospective teachers to events like this so they can see first-hand the passion and talent of those we are preparing for tomorrow’s classrooms.”

The INSPIRE Living-Learning Center holds events throughout the year that are open to all students with the aim to create a diverse community of motivated, creative students who want to make a difference.

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