Cindy Hmelo-Silver honored as AERA Fellow

The AERA Fellows Program honors education researchers whose substantial research accomplishments have affected the career lives of others

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dr. Cindy Hmelo-Silver thinks a lot about how people learn and how technology can help support that learning. She studies problem-based learning, collaborative knowledge construction, and computer supported collaborative learning. She examines the role of technology in supporting social knowledge construction and collaborative learning and problem-solving. She’s a leader in her field.  

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) Fellows Program serves to honor education researchers like Dr. Hmelo-Silver whose substantial research accomplishments have affected the career lives of others. AERA Fellows are considered exceptional mentors whose work has made a significant contribution beyond the niche of an individual specialty. Dr. Hmelo-Silver was recently honored among this year’s AERA Fellows for her work in examining the relationship between technology and how people learn about complex phenomena.

“This well-deserved honor affirms the significant contributions that Professor Hmelo-Silver has made to the field of Learning Sciences and adds to the prestige of our Learning Sciences program here at IU,” commended School of Education Dean Terry Mason. “We are all very proud of Cindy for receiving this recognition for her outstanding accomplishments.”

Her current projects include a collaboration with colleagues in the School of Informatics that explores how human-centered robotics can help promote STEM engagement and learning in middle and high school youth.

Dr. Hmelo-Silver also serves as the Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology (CRLT) and as the Barbara B. Jacobs Chair of Education and Technology, both at the School of Education.

More information on the AERA 2016 Fellows announcement can be found here.