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I would highly recommend this program to all K-12 school personnel as a means to understand and prevent potential litigation issues within their district. This program afforded me the opportunity to learn how to interpret and apply the law to realistic scenarios within the K-12 school setting. I believe that we can better serve our communities through properly advocating for and protecting our students, faculty, and staff within our school buildings.

Alexandrea Horton, H.S. English Department Chair, Illinois; Education Law Certificate graduate

I wouldn't trade my journey through education law for anything. I had the best professors who not only presented the content well by providing engaging assignments but also cared about my well-being. The IU with the Ed. Law program was amazing!

Kimbria Jackson, Ed.D., Assistant Principal, D.C., Education Law Certificate Graduate

The coursework involved to receive the Education Law Certificate helped me, as a classroom teacher, understand the rights and laws surrounding teachers/staff, students, and parents. This has helped me become a more informed teacher, which empowered me to grow professionally and become a more confident teacher.

Fiona Makowski, B.S. Elementary Education, 5th Grade Teacher, Intern at Children's Policy and Law Initiative of Indiana (Education Law Certificate Graduate)

After spending nearly a half-century in higher education as a professor and college dean, I revisited an original dream to study the law. Consequently, I found the Education Law Certificate program at Indiana University to be exactly what I was looking for. In all the rigorous courses, I found that professors were expertly equipped to facilitate student academic development. If you have a desire to investigate issues, increase your knowledge, and acquire a command of topics in school law including special education law, education law research, and higher education law, I know of no better way to do so than to enroll in the Education Law Certificate program at Indiana University. As it turned out, this program and the professors were so inspiring to me that I'm now studying at the University of Arizona Law School!

Dr. Thompson Brandt, M.S., Ph.D., Director of Instrumental Music, Adjunct Professor and former Dean, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts (Education Law Certificate Graduate)

I focus on the intersection between federal grants and educational institutions. The education law courses are well-designed and thorough. The online certificate program connected me with other attorneys, administrators, and leaders in education across the country. We studied evolving law and policy and seminal case law. IU brings practitioners and experts from around the country together to tackle vital issues, including those related to expectations for schools during the pandemic.

Kristen Schwendinger, J.D., M.P.A., Senior Counsel, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP, (Education Law Certificate Graduate)

Earning my Education Law Certificate has benefitted my career tremendously. I work as an educational consultant for K-12 public, private, and charter schools in Indiana. Having a strong knowledge of legal issues and best practices has helped me to advise and support teachers and administrators as they create, implement, enforce, and evaluate their policies and procedures. I use the skills and knowledge from the Education Law Certification program every single day.

Keshia Seitz, Ed.D., Director of Innovative Learning, Five Star Technology Solutions (Ed.D. Graduate who earned the Education Law Certificate)

Completing the Education Law Certificate program as a school nurse has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to advocate for the health and educational needs of students at the federal, state, and local levels. I am able to identify potential legal concerns in my practice as a school nurse and feel equipped to help my district mitigate potential litigation. Knowing how to conduct legal research has helped me develop trainings for staff and nursing interventions for students and families in need of academic health support.

Andrea Tanner, MSN, RN, CNS, NCSN; Ph.D. student in Nursing Science; Coordinator of Health Services for New Albany Floyd County Schools (Minoring in Education Law & Education Law Certificate Graduate)

The reputation of IU’s education law program and faculty are well known outside of Indiana University. They are active in the leadership of the Education Law Association (ELA), and as a member and regular conference attendee of ELA, I can attest, they are respected for their research on a national level.

Michelle Gough, J.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President & Chief Legal & Assessment Officer, Project Lead the Way; former Indiana Department of Education General Counsel (Ph.D. Graduate who Concentrated in Education Law)

As a special education administrator, I quickly recognized the relevance of legal literacy. The Education Law Certificate imparted a deeper understanding of the complexities of ever-evolving education and legal systems and how the two are interconnected.

Joanna Mulligan, Assistant Director of Student Services, Southern Hancock Community School Corporation (Education Law Certificate Graduate)

The Education Law Certificate improved my marketability because it ensured that I understood how to research law and use it as a foundation when making decisions. Principals must ensure that school districts do not lose money from lawsuits.

Von Smalley, M.S., Instructional Coach & Principal Intern, Northeast High School, Kansas City (M.S. Graduate who earned the Education Law Certificate)

Earning the Education Law Certificate has helped me answer questions regarding special education issues asked by teachers and administrators. Many parents are highly educated in these school districts, and teachers and administrators sometimes are not exactly sure what the law states regarding rights of students, teachers, and parents.

Kristy Bixler, Ph.D. student, (Education Law Certificate Graduate)

Because of the school law research I completed at IU, I am now actively engaged with legislative reform. I have successfully advocated for changes in special education policy based on my dissertation findings.

Angie Balsley, Ed.D., Executive Director of Earlywood Educational Services; President-Elect of the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education (ICASE) (Ed.D. Graduate)

I could have been a more informed, confident, and empowered teacher had I completed my education law courses years ago. I am grateful for this program and passionately believe that legal literacy should be prioritized for all educators.

Taji L. Gibson, Research Associate, Center on Education & Lifelong Learning, Ed.D. student and earning an Education Law Certificate

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