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Indiana University School of Education extends to external agencies the option to offer Indiana University graduate credit hours to participants of education workshops, in accordance with the guidelines in this document. While these workshops are designed primarily as professional development opportunities for educators, up to nine hours of graduate credit earned through such workshop participation may be applied to M.S. and Ed.S. degree programs in the School of Education. Such hours must be relevant to the student’s graduate program of studies and must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor and the campus graduate education office.

Academic Specifications

  • A workshop must include a minimum of 750 minutes (12.5 hours) of instructional time for each graduate credit hour offered. This contact time must be documented in the syllabus.
  • A workshop must have a printed syllabus noting activities, assignments and expected outcomes. This syllabus must be on file in the graduate education office at the participating campus of Indiana University.
  • For students earning one graduate credit hour, the workshop must require readings plus a paper, an activities project or a reflective exercise. Additional readings and papers are required for additional credit hours.
  • Each proposed workshop must be approved by appropriate program faculty based on review of the instructor’s qualifications, workshop goals, content and activities, and student assessment procedures.
  • The instructor of record for the workshop will be a faculty member who oversees the workshop quality, student grading, and workshop evaluation.
  • Each workshop must be evaluated by participants. A copy of the evaluation results must be submitted to the instructor of record, and will be filed in the graduate education office of the campus offering the workshop.
  • Courses will be graded as specified by the IU Master Course Inventory (The “Master Course List” that is available to all campus registrars).

Approved Workshop Courses

A course which may be used under this policy is one which has the word workshop in its title, and whose title reflects the content of the workshop in an obvious way. For example the following EDUC courses may be used for workshop offerings.

  • A720 Workshop on Selected Problems in Educational Leadership
  • E513 Workshop in Elementary Social Studies
  • E516 Workshop in Elementary School Science
  • E518 Workshop in General Elementary Education
  • G581 Workshop in Counseling and Guidance
  • K500 Topical Workshop in Special Education
  • L530 Topical Workshop in Language Education
  • M514 Workshop in Social Studies Education
  • N523 Workshop in Elementary Mathematics
  • P506 Topical Workshop in Educational Psychology
  • Q514 Workshop in Junior High/Middle School Science
  • Q515 Workshop in High School Science
  • R505 Workshop in Instructional Systems Technology
  • S512 Workshop in Secondary Education
  • U570 Workshop: Student Personnel Administration
  • W505 Professional Development Workshop

Approval Process

  • Each campus will designate an individual or office to manage requests to offer IU workshops for graduate credit, from external agencies.
  • Designated individuals/offices will meet once annually to review the approval guidelines, processes, and credit hour offerings, and may recommend changes to the Education Deans Council. (These meetings may be held in conjunction with a Deans Council meeting.)
  • The approval process will ordinarily be managed by the campus that is in the geographic area in which the workshop is to be offered. The external agency must submit a graduate credit hour proposal form (see attached) along with the proposed workshop syllabus, to that campus.
  • The designated campus will review the proposal form and syllabus for compliance with the above guidelines.
  • If all standards are met, the designated campus will assign the workshop an appropriate workshop course number from the list above and appropriate credit hours.
  • If the workshop is to be offered outside of a campus’ geographic area, the campus nearest to the offering location must be notified. This other campus must be given thirty days to decide whether they choose to offer the credit hour workshop, with concomitant responsibilities of assigning a section number and managing registration. Should this campus choose not to sponsor the offering, the initiating campus may offer the workshop.

Additional Recommendations

Campuses are encouraged to move toward on-line registration for these workshops, and away from the registration and fee collection responsibilities.

Campuses are urged to take proactive steps toward working collaboratively with external agencies in preparing proposals for workshop packages. For example, they are encouraged to initiate such efforts with the Indiana University/Public School Partnership, with other similar local campus partnerships, and with education service centers throughout the state.

Approved by the Education Council

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