Education Council

Education Council

Education Council, not to be confused with Policy Council, is a formally organized and approved, faculty based, policy making body. It is established to serve the education faculties of the IU system.

The Education Council has final policy making authority and coordinating responsibilities as follows:

  1. Develop criteria and approve course and program proposals and modifications for common programs. All such matters are referred to this Council for final action from local education governing bodies.
  2. Evaluate common program policy having system wide impact and adjudicate conflicting policy. All such matters are referred to this Council from local education governing bodies.
  3. Monitor NCATE standards (3.0/G-3 and 4.0/G-4) applicable to faculty and candidate matters as they relate to common programs. This monitoring should be in the form of focusing attention on situations where campuses do not appear to be in compliance with standards and requesting that plans of action be developed for redressing problems. The scope of authority shall not extend to decisions involving individual faculty members or students or to programs unique to any particular campus.
  4. Serve as a forum for other system wide issues of concern to local governing bodies.
  5. Cooperate with local governing bodies in long range planning for decentralized governance.
  6. All other governance authority shall be reserved to the local governing bodies.

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