Program Details

Program Details

Spring 2019: February 2 – March 2

Grade K: We Can Dig It!

Get your hands dirty while learning about the secrets of paleontology and archaeology. Use science to decode clues and piece together the puzzles of the past!

Grades 1-2: Ecosystem Exploration

Come join us as we trek and swim through rainforests, deserts, the tundra, oceans, and more! We will look at what makes each area special from its chemistry to its wildlife. So get your adventurer gear ready and lets head out!

Grade 3-4: Powering People and Our Planet

Come explore how food powers people and how people power the planet. Lets get our hands dirty learning how to use sunshine, wind, and water for everything from growing yummy food to turning your lights on at home!

Grades 5-8: Music to Your Ears

Have you ever seen sound? From beatboxing to symphony orchestras, sound waves form the music we love. Let’s discover the physics of sound and how we can create, record and manipulate waves to make beautiful (or not so beautiful) music to our ears!