Program Details

Program Details

Fall 2018: October 13 – November 10

K: Science Makes Sense

Are you ready to activate your Spidey Senses? Come join us this fall and explore science through all your senses. We will be smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing, and touching to learn about the world around us.

1-2: Mechanical Masters

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to loop your way through mastering mechanics! Have you ever wanted to build your own machine? Join us as we take a trip through a theme park of science and fun while learning about physics and engineering!

3-4: Light me up

Have you ever wondered --- How can we see in the dark? Why can we see colors? Come join us this fall to learn about the amazing phenomenon of LIGHT and the ways we interact with it everyday!

5-8: CAUTION: Chemists at Work!

Have you always been interested in mixing things to see what happens? Why do some reactions bubble, some change color, some explode, and others do nothing at all? Come discover the world of chemistry! It will blow your mind!

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