Counseling Services

Counseling Services

The CHG offers individual, couple, and family counseling, as well as psychoeducational groups and outreach workshops in English, Mandarin, and Spanish. Services may also be offered in other languages depending on needs and availability of counselors native of the requested languages.

When you first contact the Center, we will make an appointment for an intake session in order to understand you and your concerns better, and to decide whether our services could meet your needs. If we both agree to continue services at the Center, a counselor will be assigned to you and will then contact you to set up follow-up sessions.

Mandaring Counseling Services / 中文諮商服務 / 中文咨询服务





UNIDO Spanish Counseling Services / UNIDO Servicios en consejería confidencial

En el Centro de Crecimiento Humano, ofrecemos servicios de consejería confidencial para individuales, familias y parejas.

La primera vez que nos contacte, daremos una cita para la sesión inicial de consejería. En la cita de ingreso, discutimos sus preoccupacións a fin de mejor compenderlas y de decidir si nos servicios sean adecuados para usted. Una vez que acordemos continuar, el consejero asignado le llamará para las sesións próximas.

Fee Information

We are commited to offering our services at the lowest possible cost to clients. A minimal fee is charged for counseling at the Center. Our fees, per session, are:

Initial Intake SessionFree
Individual Counseling$15.00
Couple and Family Counseling$20.00

If the session fee presents a financial burden to you, your counselor will be happy to discuss alternate arrangements at the time of your intake. We accept cash and personal checks. For students, we can also bill your bursar account. We cannot process credit cards or submit to health insurance companies. 

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